Digital Marketing

social_media_marketing_insurance_industry_aismediaGive your digital marketing a checkup to bring new patients in. Patients are looking for knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy doctors. Our integrated digital marketing solution will ensure you can be easily found online and help you nurture lasting relationships.

“ClinicServe” best-selling product is; Responsible Marketing, ideal for countries where healthcare services cannot be advertise or for doctors who believe advertising your Personal-self or your Nobel-profession is not appropriate or ethical. We introduce it as; “Increase your medical practice by helping people through internet without giving extra time.”

Survey Marketing
(Offline, Telephonic, Online)

medical-surveyMarket surveys can be powerful tools for improving your understanding of your market and developing clients. We make it possible in 3 formats; Offline, Telephonic & Online.

(Voice Call, SMS, Whatsapp & Emails)

SMSADBeautiful newsletters and Text messages have been used for marketing for years now and we’ve all received the occasional text messages & emails informing us about some upcoming promotional deal. Innovation is Auto-Voice-Calls and Branded SMS and now Whatsapp messages.

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