doctor-recommendedClinicServe works exclusively with medical professionals to create their identity in an environment where it is easy to get lost among the crowd. 

Responsible Clinic Marketing” is answer to most frequent question by medical professionals about the unique challenge of marketing clinical practice, while keeping intact ethical values of noble profession.

What is Responsible Clinic Marketing? 

In differ to exaggerated advertising, which everyone skips & question credibility, we deliver what audience is seeking. We serve public health messages, wrapped in your profile. These messages are usually for public health awareness, disease knowledge or self-help guidance related to your specialty.

This way directly develops your trust in public & establishes your name as social character. And indirectly increases your medical practice.

Responsible Marketing is most suitable practice, because;

  • Marketing in most Respectable way
  • Sustainable Social Presence
  • Returns Pre-Convinced Clients
  • Patient Followership


We use multiple mediums for responsible marketing like; Internet, Print, SMS & Media. The most chosen medium for Responsible Marketing is internet; first reason is affordable & second rapid spread.

We invite you to adopt most-sustainable practice in world, which starts with social responsibility & sustains with credibility & business. To talk with our “Responsible Marketing” consultant, dial; +92 321 4335661